At Romano & Romano Financial, our primary focus is on protecting and preserving what matters most to you. This commitment to excellence is strengthened by our experience and the values we share in common with you. The result is a unique approach to creating custom-tailored solutions for helping you pursue your near- and long-term investment goals.

It Takes Experience, Skill, and Focus

Our ability to help you achieve your financial aspirations requires a keen understanding of where you are now and where you want to go, as well as the experience to balance proven investment strategies with your evolving needs. This, coupled with our specialized knowledge and highly personalized service, helps us create a comprehensive plan for addressing your distinct circumstances.

We adhere to a disciplined process that includes:

  • Evaluating your investment objectives, priorities, and risk tolerance
  • Determining the asset allocation models and diversification approach best suited for you
  • Selecting appropriate securities and implementing your investment strategy
  • Continually monitoring your portfolio against benchmarks

With our guidance, planning, and investment expertise, we can help keep you moving in the right direction to bring your vision to life.

The Key Is Planning Several Moves Ahead

We believe a successful investment plan encompasses all aspects of your financial life to reflect your objectives and time horizon, as well as your values and way of thinking.

Rather than chasing returns, we develop a plan with an eye on your end goals. This may incorporate a combination of asset classes and investment strategies, such as bonds, mutual funds, cash or money markets, real estate, or exchange-traded funds (ETFs), depending on your specific situation—and it's designed to help position you to take advantage of opportunities, manage risk, and account for the unexpected along the way.

Just as important as understanding your financial vision is our ability to anticipate factors that may affect your portfolio. Our knowledge of current market conditions, economic trends, and tax implications, and our access to leading research and rigorous fund and manager analysis enable us to make adjustments, as necessary, to help ensure that your investment plan stays on track.

A Strategy for Success

As independent financial advisors, our objectives are always aligned with yours. We respect your wishes and opinions, and your goals, expectations, and risk tolerance drive every recommendation we make.

Our choice to partner with Commonwealth Financial Network®—a Registered Investment Adviser–broker/dealer with a more than a 38-year history and a client-centric service model that mirrors our own—helps us maintain our independence. It allows us access to the vast array of investment choices and strategies that the industry has to offer as well as the freedom to focus on what benefits you most, without pressure to promote a particular product or answer to a parent company's sales quotas. So, we can provide sound, independent guidance for your financial success.

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